Rolling Hills v 01

Rolling Hills v 01

I still have plans for it and do not consider it 100% done but its damn close. The next version you can expect working doors, lights, some custom buildings, and a couple other surprises as I already have them added to my version… However, we didn’t have enough time to test it all. So instead of making you wait any longer, here is my first map for FS19, Rolling Hills V.01.

It’s a 1x map but feels much larger. It’s a very simple map and there aren’t any incredible features. You have one sell point for grain, and another for bales and cotton. There are a few farms to pick from but you will start at one. There is no starting equipment, however you start with 100K.

You can sell grain at the Rolling Hills COOP and Bales and cotton are sold and Wilson Feed and Seed, where you also buy equipment.
I will be updating this map and continuing to develop it as I learn the new techniques in FS19.


DR Modding

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9 Responses

  1. bdogg says:

    I love the map, reminds me of a US map. Being from Wisconsin, the water ways, cattle pasture, and oddly shaped fields are very realistic. I wish they could allow you to use your cattle pasture for your actual cows. The small pens used to hold hundreds of cattle is very unrealistic. They should come out with some sort of mod where you can fence in your own area, place feeders, water tanks ect and allow for a grazing herd where they do not need “grass”. Also they should allow a Holstein dairy, but also a beef mods where the two are not the same. All around a very good map, but I have found it difficult to find places to put animal pens due to the terrain, this game isn’t ready for realistic landscapes.

  2. Mike says:

    Map looks great but I cant open store menu to buy equipment? I realize its still Beta but anyone else experiencing this?

  3. NickerSnicker says:

    Great map, I have made a new home here and will be playing for hours, I have run into a few crashes while landscaping near the rose acre farm horse paddock, but nothing a few save game clicks couldn’t deal with, i am so happy with the map layout, feels like somewhere iv been before. also, the “abandoned trailer home” near the radio tower i spent hours, doing a before and after photo of a yard clean up for lets call him Mr. Henry, a retired 83 year old, Coming home to see his old stomping grounds. 10/10 Good job DR Modding

  4. bdogg says:

    I haven’t had any issues with the store, but the landscaping isn’t working very well on this particular map. I went to flatten out a couple locations, and it kept telling me I couldn’t due to the terrain, even though that’s exactly what im trying to fix. I cant wait for this map to be a complete without any bugs and small malfunctions. its still a great a map the way it is, but a few tweaks and it could be one of the best ive seen since 2011.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi there I am just testing your new map you made. Rolling Hill? I just got done. Now i am spraying on field 35? i did the hole thing. but i am only at 76% left to show but i don’t know where is left to do. if you add me on look for this name on your game fs19 Andy Farm 1. add me on steam friend list please? I am stuck i need help

  6. Nat says:

    I have bought Blazing Stables but realising you cannot use the stables as a functioning building or the horse walker. Will this be updated in future ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why cant I get the mod on my xbox one?

  8. FarmersOnly says:

    Really been digging your map, it even reminds me of parts of Northern Idaho and Washington. Even some sections of the palouse! I have one bug fix recommendation though. Idk if this is for all of the scraggly multi-limbed trees adjacent to fields. But in the S.W. Corner of the map where the gravel road goes between fields 20-25. Those trees are unable to be destroyed with machinery or a chainsaw. It’d be dope if you could fix that.

  9. Michael Kress says:

    Is there any place to sell wood or wood chips? Love the map but hopefully you can add a little competition for the crops. Also being a MOD maker can you tell me why in the FS19 Map Mods, when you buy property you can’t live in the farmhouse?

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