On the map you can find EVERYTHING you actually want to do, it can be just Logging or Farming. If you want farming, you will have a big farm(you need to play a career game) some equipment as well and a very nice prices for fields and crops. There is absolutely interesting crops, there is a huge variants of mountains and in stuff like that. If you’re going to do some trees logging, this map is the best Choice! All tree crops, are made for every logging style, it can be American or European style, whatever. There is huge count of swamps in forests and in stuff like that! Also we have a lots of types of wood, you will see them as well(such trees, what we can harvest with some harvesters and bunchers as well). On the map there is more than 150 000 trees! Map will be soon updated, and will be added some sawmills, or farming productions. With the best wishes WarBossBY.



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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really love this map, feels like logging in British Columbia Canada really wish there was a pump jack mod that worked so I could clear well sites and put a pump jack on it that gives me money, I do have one but it’s buggy 🙁

  2. daemonk says:

    This map, takes 5 stars out of 5 stars, this map is just amazing, when I’ve done the tour of the map, I had that feeling that i’m in the hunter: call of the wild, very nice landscapes, very nice fields, you can do whatever you want, have plenty of space to create new fields, new farms, factory, everything what you want.

    but it cames with one problem…. no traffic, and sometimes I have the feeling I;m alone there…. just me… and just me :)….. I would like to see some traffic, moving people in that small village, some park rangers…. that will be fantastic.

    maybe we can get that in a future update

  3. gandalf says:

    love this map, just wish it had traffic and pedestrians 😛

  4. help me says:

    can you go mudding 🙂

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