Honey Dew farms XL v

Honey Dew farms XL v 1.0

I made everyting at the main farm sellable. So if you want to start from scratch then just delete the defaultVehicle file and you are good to go.Also remember to delete the defaultVehicle file before starting on a server. This will avoid any loading issues.



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15 Responses

  1. Sgt. Butsch says:

    Please bring this map to FS22. My favorite map!

  2. flipkieke says:

    this map comming to fs22 also? loved this map on fs19..

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. onewrongbrother says:

    How do I fix the trucks only dumping once and none of them dumping again? thank you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    nice map

  6. jan de boed sr says:

    nice map but there is also a season map of this

  7. Chile Dean says:

    Garage Doors won’t open. Is this a map issue?

    They all work on the other maps.

  8. FS19 is broke says:

    same as Gunner, anyone able to fix this.?

  9. M. Weber says:

    Trouble with Giants V1.2 update. Vehicle wont move and driver won’t exit machine. Had to redownload the game and start a new map. Some kinda conflice=t with the update.

  10. Sgt. Butsch says:

    Great work, I won’t play FS19 without this map!

  11. Gunner says:

    The latest version (v1.0.0.4) has a bug. I decided I wanted to try my hand at livestock for the first time in 19, and I ran into trouble as soon as I tried to prepare to bale hay.
    1. I cut grass from both a meadow, and from one of my small fields (# 7) that was planted to grass.
    2. The problem started when I tried to run a tedder on it (a vanilla tedder), and it skips over the majority of the grass. I was using the largest Kuhn, but I tried the Pottinger, and it did the same thing. The Kuhn would cover about for rows of cut grass, and a lot of the time it would leave (3) of the rows untouched.
    3. I found myself having to make 2 – 4 passes over the same area, and then still some grass would just not turn to hay.
    4. I went to the vanilla Felsbrunn map, cut some grass, used the same tedders, and it didn’t miss a single blade, it was all converted to hay and was ready for baling.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The map is good, but too much for nothing

  13. Anonymous says:

    i started the map with buildings. when I went to start a game without the house or machenery. everything was still in place. deleted and going to try to reinstall.

  14. Geneo's Farms says:

    We Like this Map a lot! Is Greenhouses and fruit orchards in the Future?
    Nice work!

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