Pleasant Valley County х16_RUS – is a 16x Multi-Fruit and Factory Production Map.
I am glad to present you my translation
translation of text and textures
Featuring factories under construction, gardens, greenhouses, additional animals, a slaughterhouse, and a variety of mining operations, including the ability to use explosives to open mines.
12 different starting scenarios to choose from that should appeal to different play styles.
On the map, both amateurs of farming, animal husbandry, and builders of industries with the extraction of minerals will find their jobs.
Additional crops from poppy, hops and lavender to rice, cranberries, tobacco and mustard, etc.
Raise dogs, goats, donkeys and standard animals.
Go in for fishing, both sea and river.
Get ore and minerals in quarries, blast rocks for mines.
Some buildings can be blown up for demolition to clear territories. Get some resources by demolishing buildings.
Manufactures from sawmills to steel mill and Dell Electronics.
Produce building materials and electronic components (resistors, capacitors, chips, etc.) and more.
Most of the industries on the map require their initial construction. To build a factory, first produce the necessary building materials.
Transport your crops and goods by water transport.

The map is divided into 3 files, which are MANDATORY to be installed in the folder with the mods of the Farming Simulator 19 game, without them you will not get the entire gameplay on the map: – Map – some textures and models to the map itself (you DO NOT need to unzip) – mandatory mods and production for the map (unzip to the folder with the mods of the Farming Simulator 19 game)

optional file – PDF file (652 pages) manual in English on the map and industries.

Some tips:
– some bridges on the map are closed and require construction. Buy land with the Municipality for a building permit. (There is a map with bridges in the Municipality building).
– some industries require electricity, you need to buy the nearest power plant.
– at the beginning of the game to move your crops and cargo, bridges will not be built yet, use water transport
– in the store, factories and production facilities are numbered for the recommended construction order

Extra files:

FS19 PVcountyAssets RUS – required textures and models for Pleasant Valley County x16_RUS (DO NOT need to unzip).
This is a translation of the into Russian.

Mandatory modpack for the map “Pleasant Valley County” – RUS version
Manufacturing and auxiliary equipment.
Download and unzip to the mods folder.
This is a translation of the modpack into Russian.


Dajnet Mods

Download mod [ShareMods]

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Download mod

File File size
zip FS19_PVcountyAssets 787 MB
zip FS19_PleasantValleyCounty 1 GB
zip modspackUnzipMe_2.0_RUS 2 GB

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14 Responses

  1. rome dawg says:

    IT will not let me in?

  2. Roger Roland says:

    привет, мы не можем даже поставить собственное здание, там говорится, что земля не может быть изменена, когда я прихожу, чтобы поставить свой собственный мод, есть способ решить проблему, если да, как иначе карта отличная

  3. Anonymous says:

    where do you produce gold on this map

  4. Anonymous says:

    can u plz tell me where u got that building at plz i really need it thx.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I know there is a way to change this to english and I’ve seen it. Anyone able to help with that?

  6. PapPap2016 says:

    Very nice map lots to do but cant play it since map and store items are in Russian. So will hold onto file but until they release English version it is unplayable. Nice Idea for having to build stuff to move forward in the game.

  7. Anonymous says:

    hola a mi en el mapa me salen los puentes carreteras y casas en blanco me poidrian decir si me falta algun archivo gracias

  8. Anonymous says:

    hey all the factories and the map is in russian is there a english version

  9. Diego says:

    The game cannot be started, I think there is a file missing for it to start

    • Anonymous says:

      You need the mod pack that is separate from the map. It is big file once you download unzip file and place everything in your mods folder.

  10. Anonymous says:

    no se puede iniciar el mapa solo existe un archivo de descarga

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