Calvary Hill 2.0 is a fictional, American style map. Nothing in this map requires Global Company. I’m sure its a fine mod, I just don’t use it. Seasons should work fine. (I don’t use that either) Starting owned items, buildings and vehicles are severly devalued so selling them will not increase your wealth very much. Vehicles are new but have such little initial value, they can’t be repaired so when they’re worn out, they will need to be replaced. (Some grass areas are decorative and doesn’t grow. Most grass grows fine.)

All animal pens pre-built with animal pen extentions.
Fully funtional train system. Storage and sales.
Additional crops: Poppy, Hemp, Clover, Alfalfa, Tobacco
Clover and alfalfa can be mowed or harvested.
Fermenting silos for silage and compost.
Cow and pig food mixers.
Grass dryer from the FSM-Team.
Seed cleaner to make your own seed from grain.
Greenhouses and orchards.
Multiple selling stations.
Farm workshop.
Farm supplies.

Highly recommended forgotten plants-terrain by LS-modcompany.
You could play without animal pen extentions but they really belong in this map.


Author, LordFoul69.

Containing mods by GTX mods, Cazz64, Stevie, Wolfpack Modding, Farmer Andy and likely others I’m forgetting.

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2 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Needs to be finished,

  2. UnezCube says:

    My many many thanks go out to Author, LordFoul69, GTX mods, Cazz64, Stevie, Wolfpack Modding, Farmer Andy for this lovely American style map and containing mods. go your hardest and best of luck to you guys :].

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