Old Country Life V1.0

Old Country Life V1.0

Ok guys here is the latest map ‘Old Country Life”. We had a blast making this map and I hope you guys have as much fun on it as we did making it. Special shout out to ‘The Collaboration crew who is James Darrell Watkins, Thompson Johnny, Perran Greenaway and myself who have joined in and made this map possible.. Also to our map reviewers and testers. I am going to carry on playing this map on our server but want to let you know that we have another map I have started work on. It has a lot of forestry on it so should be enjoyed for a larger amount of gamers that like forestry. There have been a few other things added into the map by Johnny and myself and will leave that for you to find them. There also have been sightings of a ‘UFO’ bolting through the forest, so be prepaired to be spooked if you see it. I added sale points for Ricci global company orchards and greenhouses so you can play with them on this map if you choose so. A mining of Lime in the cave and fertilizer on the plateau was added and you have to buy the land befoe you can mine it. A swamp forest was added into this map. I have added JD’s video and would like you to watch as this will give you more of a insight into this mapWe put this map out to our Facebook group and have possitive feedback from our members and we decided it is time to let you guys have it. It is seasons ready.


Cazz64, JNJ mods (Johnny), Perran (Old Aussie Gamer) and JD (Kentuckian JD)

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3 Responses

  1. djpieta says:

    very nice map

  2. Lucad says:

    how do you plant tomatoes?

  3. MrSpooner says:

    Awesome map. Love all the planes and hot air balloons flying around, there is something like a dozen planes flying around, and what appears to be an AirForce One air escort. Very nice touch

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