Oberes Glantal in der Sudpfalz v 1.1

Oberes Glantal in der Sudpfalz v 1.1

Here I present you my map for the LS19.

Version 1.1
– PDA Map revised
– Dekofelder removed from PDA (fruit no longer appears on PDA)
– Deco courtyard barn now placeable
– Old barn on yard removed
– Court workshop trigger removed
– yard area increased
– Added possibility to sell milk at both sales outlets
– Added opportunity to sell eggs at both sales outlets
– Added pig farm for manure purchase
Added sales trigger “Butcher”
– Egg sales added at butchery
– Fixed position light WKA at night
– Clipdistances adjusted (better performance)
– Farmlands adapted
– Courtyard Revised (Placeable Standard Building)
– Added silo
– added water trigger to ditch at yard (see PDA icon)
– Collisions added to all trees
– Storeplace revised
– Fixed point for wool
– Fixed sales point for hay / bales
– Fixed point of sale for wood

For a long time it was quiet around me, now I have time again for the Farming Simulator. The map should actually already appear for the LS17, unfortunately I did not make it in time. So the time passed and at some point the LS19 was there 🙂

Now the map is ready so far, and should run every error free. Since the patch 1.2, the engine requires that every map has a waterPlane. This has also been adapted to the current patch.

The map reflects my home region and is modeled on this landscape. You will find on the map 2 villages (Rehweiler & Gimsbach). The Starthof is built in Rehweiler. You take over here a modernized medium-sized milk and arable farm. The lands are purchasable and therefore you can buy and place new buildings as you like.

Furthermore, there are 3 purchasable forests, so that the foresters come to the taste. The meadows and fields are all different sizes, from 800m2 to 6HA are all sizes available. Furthermore, many fields were created in realistic shapes, I’m not a big fan of perfectly square and rectangular fields 😉

You can sell at the RWZ land trade or at the garden center in Gimsbach.



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2 Responses

  1. jhonny says:

    Hello, the map it’s awesome, the best one, but i have one issue, i can’t plant trees, i can on any other maps i have but not on this one, when i turn the planter on, the screen freezes

  2. Anonymous says:

    Guys, for some reason i can’t plant trees on this map, my tractor and player view get stuck on when turning the planter on

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