Welcome to Ninghan Farms. located in the Central WheatBelt of Western Australia.

-i have tried to make it as close as i can to real life.
-added transport missions, like bales and seed pallets.
-36 fields with missions.
-4 sell points also Bga,sawmill, bale sell point and livestock Market.
-custom environment edits. to place the sun in correct position as real life
-custom color grading

This is my first map for farming simulator, i would like to thank everyone that has helped me complete the map.

farm history
My great grandfather purchase this farm in 1929, then proceeded to clear the land and begin farming.
i am the 4th generation to live and farm this land, as the farmed turned 90 years old as farming simulator turned 10.
i thought this would be a perfect time to produce and release the map.



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12 Responses

  1. Anonimo says:

    Yo tengo el mismo problema

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do you download it for ps4

  3. Jose Menendez says:

    Alguien me ayuda con el mapa, no me deja interactuar con las puertas que estan para salir de la granja se necesita algún mod aparte?

  4. Aki says:

    Hi AussieFarmer, greetings from Finland!!

    I like really much playing in this map PC, but there is some sort of issue cleaning animal pen feeding areas. I took a closer look at them and seems that there is some kind of mixture on the ground. Cow feeding area have silage and seed mixture and sheep pen have grass and seed mixture.

  5. Brett says:

    I’m having problems since 2nd last FS19 update with your map only
    allows me to install it & play
    But after saving the game play & eeting to another map & returning i keep getting error ((CE-34878-0) Ive updated still does it.
    > I removed the game still does it
    > I bought new PS4 still does it
    > It is only this map that it does the error all the time (all other maps are ok)
    > Help please

  6. Brett says:

    Anyone else having issues with the NINGHAM Australian Farm map ?

    FS19 PS4

    since the last 2 game software updates & last 2 Sony PS4 updates i had issues with the Ningham map “Only”

    First issues was after weeks game play ” lot 24hr game play” of the map Totally redesigned farm map fully cropped saved it , Then exited out game to play another game for my child

    When came back to my game the map kept getting to 37% then an error ” was to do with the game software update asking reinstall it , Which i done many times over last few months

    I also started new Ningham map to test it & it done same

    I removed the map completely reinstalled again first allows to play the map save etc BUT once you play another game & come back to the NINGHAM map it gets to the 37% game upload then the error

    I even resorted to a new PS4 still all above issue

    what hell can i do fix this ?

    All the other saved maps are ok

    • Neil says:

      I’ve had the exact same issue. I’ve built 3 new farms and lost all but the last, I’ve probably jinxed myself now. There’s definitely something going on with this map as it’s never happened on any other. It’s a shame too as I love this map.

  7. Lemsta says:

    There is a glitch with the gates on the left side there is an invisible (something) that obstructs vehicles when passing through.

  8. Jay says:

    I really like what you did with this map. I also like the bigger fields. The only problem I found is the collision at the open gates. Can you move the collision points closer to the posts of the gate?

  9. Andy says:

    Hi this map is beautiful but on xbox one it doesnt let you farm the crops when you first start off

  10. Aussiebloke125 says:

    Map would be alot better if fences, power poles and drains could be removed

    • Glenn Coombs says:

      All farming would be better if you could remove the power poles. Unfortunately Western power gets pissy if you take out one of their power poles

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