New Woodshire edit v2.0

New Woodshire v1.1

Are you tired of the same old mountain logging maps? Are you sick of having to travel 50 ft to cut the next tree? Are you sick to death of cutting the same trees all the time? If you answered yes to any of these questions then come on down to NewWoodshire edit V2, Where the land is not flat but its not the Himalayas either, where you can cut in a densely packed area or areas that are a bit more forgiving to your pc. There are also different tree types from big and small birch to the large deadwood trees to big pine and spruce. Oh ya, and you can still farm and have all the FS features as well, so take the short…or long drive to NewWoodshire edit V2 to cut till the cows come home. (there are no borders on this map anymore so you will fall off if your not careful, you have been warned so your untimely death is not on my hands) I take no credit for this map as that belongs to the creator, all I did was add some forest and make all the land buyable and got rid of the borders to open it up.


Redkeinstus/RitchiF edit by ACME ACRES

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    non si configurano i trattori in multy

  2. Drew says:

    where is the manure for the new cow pen?

  3. Jack says:

    barn stopped working after one year in-game. Comes off price list, isn’t shown on map and sell trigger is missing. log makes no mention of trying to load it. Tried manually adding pathing in items.xml file in savegame for sellingpointBales and will disappear after game is saved again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    barn stops working after one ingame year

  5. TheLegion says:

    so manny buggs, all the land size differ by the map edges, no corect spacing, helper struggle in the fences, the previwes map was better builded

  6. Chef says:

    plot number 6 is so buggy, harvesting it is a pain in the ass and the helpers struggle to even harvest or cultivate(do anything really). maybe removing the fence line between plot 5 and 6 could help

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