Moon Base Alpha, i converted and changed the Mars map to suit the moon, added a huge dome over the whole base, you enter the base from the rocket that is outside of the dome through the lift and airlock door at the bottom of the crater..

Now once inside you need to use the $10,000,000 that SpaceX awarded you to setup the food and resources for the colony..
Once you have got that running, all your surplus stuff can be exported back to earth for a great price 🙂

Well thats the story guys, download the map, unzip the zip file to your desktop and follow the instructions in the readme and game text files..

Bless you and hope you enjoy this version…


Yazu for the blank map
Giants for the cool game and editor
Blender for an amazing 3D modeling package

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  1. Liam says:

    I love this map its so cool

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