Midwest Horizon v 1.1

Based off Midwest Ohio.
– 127+ fields of various sizes.
– Two gain sell locations.
– Egg, Cotton, Wool, Milk sell location.
– Animal sell/buy location.
– Multi Terrain Angles.
– Several Farm locations.
– Wood sell location.
– Various locations with standing water.
– No in map animals, placeable must be used.
– Traffic.
– Delivery missions.

Changelog v1.3.1
– Seasons compatible


Txzar Mapping and CBJ Midwest Modding

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4.5/5 - (81 votes)

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zip FS19_MidwestHorizon 420 MB

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16 Responses

  1. chris says:

    where can i sell grain in the menu no sell points for corn or soy beans pops up

  2. Anonymous says:

    says season ready but wont load with season installed

  3. Matt says:

    All the sell points are missing when I loaded this map the first time. I looked in the log file & it says they are all corrupt. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling again but still have the issue.

  4. Pappy says:

    1)The Traffic, annoying yes, but i have played this game so long now i get around it.

    2)The Dynamic Mud, it is just me but mud that renders as dry ground and is present after a week of dry sunny days is a no go, i disabled it.

    3)After disabling the Dynamic Mud chisel plows do nothing but “bounce”, this forced me to go the ripper variant exclusively.

    4)Lol @Rebel Dog: I am going to have to try this just to see.

    5)Tree planting: This is a Midwest style map and it captures that feel gloriously, pine trees are a mystery to me here but hey to each their own.^^

  5. Bob says:

    I was struggling to find a good WORKING map and I tried this one and I love it. After 4 hours of play in it, I still have not found a bug or something not working. The map is huge which is another something I like about it. So far I bought a field farmed it and started setting up my farm on that land. Keep up the great work

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great map but …

    – 2 grass ball / hectare …. corn widrow ?

  7. Mike says:

    Hello I am having an issue with the straw draw distance with the wheat crop. After running it with my harvester the straw that is left behind disappears after a certain point even though the distance diffuse is still in focus. Although this is not game breaking its still very annoying and it looks strange.

  8. Ciapul says:

    Very nice map, one of the best I played, but one thing is very irritating: traffic. Cars are driving very fast and not able to brake, when you’re parked on the road. They’re kicking the machines off the road.

  9. Alan says:

    It`s a huge and good map, but I suggest to the developer to put a silo on each corner of the map and one in the center. Also because it`s size, it will need a railroad to move around, lime stations and more shops to make it more realistic

  10. Rebel Dog says:

    you can buy corn and drive round the corner and sell it for twice the price

  11. Dolan says:

    I’ve run into a problem where I cant seem to plant saplings in my fields. I enjoy forestry and I know theres no stress already place so I was hoping to plant my own but it doesn’t seem to let me. Cheers

  12. MeanFarmer says:

    I am not able to plant trees anywhere on this map and I have tried different terrain types. Anyone else having this issue?

  13. ProfessorRekyl says:

    Best map played so far, thank you!

  14. LaazARYT_X80 says:

    Hey, Happy new decade um im in here from windows 10 letting you know that i installed this map in the mods menu it showed it was there but i couldnt choose it as a playable map soo… yeah can i get a tip on anything i missed that would be nice thank you.

  15. bigdrummer says:


    Letting the developer know that when using the Courseplay mod in FS19, it crashes with fields that are grass (84 and 86 for example) and you turn into dirt when trying to set up a seed/fertilize course. I think this has something to do with how those fields are programmed as I was not able to reproduce the issue in the Giants provided maps.

    Thank you for a great map to play with!

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