HINTERKAIFECK MAP (The myth comes in the LS)

a little pre-Christmas gift from the modding world 🙂
The Hinterkaifeck Map.
We really hope you like it and you have loads of fun on the map.
The map was tested for errors .. but as it is in life, mistakes are always overlooked.
I would be grateful if you were looking for the remaining mistakes. I promise you to fix them quickly 😉
This time I received a lot of support from the following people:
RitchiF, for the MapLayout near forest, dirt roads and fields.
HoFFi, who created the terrain via Google Maps
OurTesters: Lea Torash & V8ScaniaV8 & Zetor6245
Thank you guys!

The map has the following field sizes:
Field 1 (field01): 1,755 ha
Field 2 (field02): 1,666 ha
Field 3 (field03): 2,197 ha
Field 4 (field04): 1,476 ha
Field 5 (field05): 1,668 ha
Field 6 (field06): 3,139 ha
Field 7 (field07): 2,147 ha
Field 8 (field08): 2.408 ha
Field 9 (field09): 2,953 ha
Field 10 (field 10): 3,726 ha
Field 11 (field11): 0.647 ha
Field 12 (field12): 1.006 ha
Field 13 (field13): 2,660 ha
Field 14 (field14): 4,922 ha
Field 15 (field15): 4,166 ha
Field 16 (field16): 2,578 ha
Field 17 (field17): 0.880 ha
Field 18 (field18): 1,496 ha
Field 19 (field19): 0.423 ha
Field 20 (field 20): 1,400 ha
Field 21 (field21): 2,083 ha
Field 22 (field22): 1,439 ha
Field 23 (field23): 1,878 ha
Field 24 (field24): 1.453 ha
Field 25 (field25): 3,941 ha
Field 26 (field24): 4,053 ha
Field 27 (field25): 1.452 ha
Field 28 (field26): 3,515 ha
Field 29 (field 27): 4.072 ha
Field 30 (field28): 2,207 ha
Field 31 (field29): 5,398 ha
Field 32 (field30): 3,178 ha
Field 33 (field31): 2.495 ha
Field 34 (field32): 1,967 ha
Field 35 (field33): 3,738 ha
Field 36 (field34): 1,342 ha
Field 37 (field35): 1,944 ha
Field 38 (field36): 2.777 ha


Agrartechnik Nordeifel – Max Wild – für seine Feldwegtextur.

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8 Responses

  1. ich says:

    I cant save the game 🙁 What can I do?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can sell wood , the entrance is small ,Ponse not enter crane stops , MAN not enter because the crane stops on wall

  3. PapPap2016 says:

    Nice map but after i got my fields prepared I found out I can’t plant Cotton. Also can’t read the writing could use an English version. But very nice map. Hope you can make some changes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i can not sell milk help!?!?!

  5. Poncho says:

    WOW! This map is in a class of it’s own – the objects and the placement are just fantastic. Truly a fun map to play and enjoy SP & MP; thank you so much for your efforts and your awesome talent!


  6. Seke76 says:

    This is a good map. Can you run season in this map. don’t show it then you have to make it.
    Thanks for a good map.

  7. HuckyPucky says:


    This map is realy nice and well done, all my best to Bernie and the team that made this, its truly remarcable !

    Best regards


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