HillTop Fall’s v1.0

HillTop Fall's v1.0

Welcome To Hilltop Falls, A fictional American map.

On this map you will find a small town, surrounded by 11 larger fields, and 11 smaller fields. As well as a meadowed area that can be cleared of trees and turned to fields. There is plenty of logging areas on the map also. The map was built for playing in new farmer mode, but starting from scratch is possible as well. The Rail Yard sell-point has signs that explain how it works when pulling in. I know some will want to use standard selling methods, so I have added them around town as well. Free water on map. No train on map.

Map Features

-Seasons supported

-Precision Farming supported

-Traffic & Pedestrians

-Custom sell-point “The Rail Yard” -Manual Labor Required-

-14 Sell-points total including sawmill & BGA

-Animals on map- New Farmer- start w/ sheep & cows. Pig farm area located below field 7. Horse’s up North at the Horse ranch and Chicken’s to the West by field 21.

– In Farm Manager & Start from scratch- No animal pens.

-Up near the BGA is “Railroad Silo East”, This is for extra grain storage. In between there and the BGA is a building for pallet storage and loading.

-Some items at the starter farm can’t be sold, as they are built into the map.

– This map wont be for everyone. With this being my first map released, further updates may be needed. All feedback is greatly appreciated. I Hope you enjoy Hilltop Falls!



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