Hassenburger XL v 1.0

Hassenburger XL v 1.0

Welcome to the large Hassenburger!

Here you will find a large fields and XXL landscape with interesting terrain.

The card is fictional, has features that you can see in Western Europe and the is US, for fans of large equipment.

The main idea here is plant production on a large scale. Additional there is a big BGA.

The map has an extreme landscape. Most of the fields are from 30 to 80 hectares in size. You must buy all the fields, so we recommend to add extra money.

There is additional space in the farm to personalize the purchase of buildings.

It weighs little and has good optimizations, so there is no FPS fall. Map has no serious bugs, nothing in the LOG, but it’s the first version!



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3.7/5 - (26 votes)

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5 Responses

  1. q says:

    @Crodun it’s an european style map, of course you won’t fit a big bud through or a large seed hawk/bourgault seeder

  2. john rage says:

    im trying to set up animal pens but not working there. is that not allow to set up animals pens ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Картой недоволен. Сначала приятное количество продвинутой техники, потом поля со всех сторон охваченные деревьями и не удаляемыми объектами, спиленные деревья не решают проблему, топовый комбайн молотит оставляя огромные площади по краям. Возможно по сети кому и понравится, но соло это для мазохистов.

  4. Cam says:

    Sell Point that starts with K doesn’t work.

  5. Crodun says:

    Decent map good size fields, store exits and roadways are too small for a big bud or large seeders to navigate making it ineffective to use large equipment as suggested

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