Welcome to Grasslands
-This map is based on the uk
-Has all farming simulator 19 features
-Has around 70 fields of all shapes and sizes
-This map is seasons ready
-Please seek permissions to use anything on map
-There might be an update in near future for seasons
-Has a large forest on the map
-The chicken yard is also a contractors yard
-Map has great views
-Thanks to oxygendavid lancyboi bulletbill gb modding for their help and models
-Thnk you to mj modding for letting me finish this map and release it


Steves mods

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Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS19_Grasslands253 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Poncho says:

    Looks great and plays well – lots of minor issues that certainly didn’t get caught on testing; how are they testing maps on modhub anyway? Look forward to the updated version that corrects some of the defects.

  2. Anno says:

    Lots of issues especially with mowing. Also no triggers for the cow barn

  3. Stewart says:

    Agreed with Anno, no triggers at main farm for animals

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