This map is based off the main farm that burned down and I wanted to bring it back to life.
In this map you will find not only the best representation of the main farm that my skills allowed.
Also many names and products all Vermonters will know of or at least heard of are in the map.
The owners son took a look at the images I sent him and said they are spot on and look just like the real farm and thats what I was after.


Jims Game Streams Winston9587 Joe/Liquid5150 Djanet, vFAITHv, Cobretti137, Rylord, cjwilksy, VertexDezign – Niggels,
Stf_modding,building TomLsMods, BDBSSB, Kastor, McKnightG, Buzzard Modding, RAND0Msparks,SeriousMods, Barbicha, Sas1325.

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2 Responses

  1. Daniele Meneguzzi says:

    hello, I have a problem with the map … when I start the game the cardboard factory and the distillery are not there and the greenhouses are not like the video.

  2. Reload77a says:

    The map is very good, decent production and varied terrain. But, the storage halls and animal pens is hardcoded into the map. It would be a lot better with placeables, specially the octagonal “milking carousel”. Most buildings on the farm is too bright in color and i personally think they are ugly, and they destroy the first impression of the map. I’m hoping for a updated version of this map in the near future, because the map has very good potential to becoming one of the best maps for FS19.

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