Map based on a town in Spain located in Caceres, Extremadura province.
This map is a conversion from the 2011 Arroyo-Malpartida map of juangb.
This version is a beta version, so it is not hidden. It has a clean log, although it has some visual errors and some unfinished things, which will be finished in the final version.
the map is 100% playable, without problems.

This map includes:
2 grain cooperatives
1 sugar bowl for beets and cane
1 central dairy for milk
1 bar in which eggs are sold
1 pajero to sell the bales
1 store of potatoes for potatoes
2 fuel refill points.
1 textile factory for cotton and wool.

There are also some animals fixed on the map, which will be available from the first moment when starting the game.
1 cow enclosure
1 sheep enclosure
1 pig enclosure
1 chicken enclosure

As well as it has 1 main silo for all types of grain and two others, one for potatoes and one for beets.
Well as I said at the beginning is a beta version


Conversión: TheJoseku10-Toymatao Mapa2011: Juangb

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s really nice. By the way, could you make some desert maps like this

  2. Sciro says:

    Meter cosas politicas dentro del juego… es un error… bandera de españa con la palabra vox… en fin.

  3. AerialFS says:

    Como mapa, es un mapa de la ostia, super bien ambientado, la bodega muy bien detallada, y tema cultivos perfecto. Para colaboraciones : AerialFS en youtube

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