Clover Creek plus 12 crops v

Clover Creek plus 12 crops v

In places where there were farms all buildings were liquidated. Now you decide what to build and where to build.
There are nine places at different prices and sizes.
12 new crops have been added to the map, including clover, from which you can make silage or harvest for seed.
Map typical for cow breeders and plant production.
The plans are to make all placeable farms with a basic map.

We start at the entrance to the motel, the car has broken down, is in the workshop near the dairy.
On an easy level we have three large cultivated fields, but no plot of land for the construction of the farm.
You sold everything in the big city to start a farmer’s life, you always dreamt about it.You are also the owner of many new agricultural machines that you bought before you arrived in Clover Creek.
By selling one farmland, you can start your adventure in the countryside without debt. So good luck on the new road.

In the second difficulty mode we have no cultivated pots and building plot, but we have all the starter machines and 1,200,000 cash.
It’s up to you how you use it.

– Fixed the animation of hops and tobacco collection.
– Removed objects from cultivated fields.
– Twelve new crops.
– Lack of buildings in places where the farms were located.
– We create farms in person.
– The land was prepared for the construction of new farms.
There are still errors in the log, which does not interfere with good fun.

Unfortunately, in the southeastern part of the map, in the very corner there are temporary freezes in vehicles. I don’t know why, I can’t fix it.
Textures of new crops I found on the web, I think some are to be improved.
Buildings and farms can be imported from previous versions if someone wants to do so.



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17 Responses

  1. Martin Zubiri says:

    I have a texture problem, all the crops and things that you can dump on the ground, like lime or straw, have the grass ground texture of the landscaping is a common problem? how can i fix it?

  2. Turbo_WRX says:

    I want to buy every single part of the map, including the city town houses and things, there a way I can edit some files or something to make it work?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m having an issue with the particle system. It seems the dry fertilizer now sheets out (big white blanket; graphic is very ugly) rather than throw pellets. Any ideas? It is not a problem on the default maps with FS19.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had this same issue in FS17 Rattlesnake valley, when fertilizing with solid manure. Wish i knew why…

  4. clas sjöstrand says:

    Hello i really wish to get in contact with the author of this latest rebuild of the clover creek map i have more then 500 hours played on the map so it is my absolute go to map it has it all and i mean all.

    There are still many things to improve and to make easier and better like it is not helper friendly and have lots of crazy bumps in the roads i cant figure them out.

    Please give me some help out here i really want to improve this map as it is big and it has multi fruit it has beautiful landscape

    What needs to be done is.

    Fix grass to latest spec.
    Fix the roads to smooth all crazy bumps hidden under the ground.
    Fix some of the bushes and cut out some trees to be more helper friendly.

    I have rebuild the map at some areas and also combined fields in to larger once so it suit my needs i got more then 5000 cows and 300 horses 2000 pigs on my map and it works pretty good of course there are some crazy freezes and frame rate issues but it could be an easy fix.

    Please let me know how to get in contact.

    [email protected]

  5. Anonymous says:

    i put it in the mod floder for fs19 and it shows up in the folder but never in game

  6. VSR says:


  7. donnie says:

    need on xbox one its abut the best map on 19 mods i wish one day it be on xbox one

  8. kev749 says:

    This a very good map but when working the fields you get very bad micro stutters even at 80 fps makes it hard to play

  9. Lofty says:

    Does anyone know where the link for V1.0.0.2 is please? I looked at Yazu’s Yt vid but no link in description, thanks

  10. Jesse says:

    Please give option for buying prebuilt farms. They are so nice looking

  11. Jesse says:

    Nice map shame you can’t buy farms on map
    They are so nice wish you could buy them an use
    You should add that option. Love to use the pre built farms

  12. tsr says:

    be nice if you could actually buy the other farms on the map! kinda frustrating when you’re stuck in one spot at the bottom of this big map!!!! change it!!!

  13. Warren says:

    Small unharvestable area in field 41 breaks combine if You drive over it. Restart of game fixes combine, though, and I was able to finish rest of field.

  14. wal says:

    I hope it’s in the ingame mod menu. this looks good

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