Central Germany Map for Farming Simulator 19
Central Germany is a map which was built purely fictional, but reminds of regions in Central Germany.



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4 Responses

  1. Kevin McCallister says:

    You cannot get large equipment out of the shop area. Because there is a fence going AROUND the shop area and it has ONE entrance AND it is NOT WIDE ENOUGH for larger equipment.
    Why is every single spot with a sell point or some such surrounded with the stupid 1 feet tall fences? And WHY are the entraces so small to them??
    It’s pretty clear the map maker did NOT test the map at all. Avoid at all cost since it absolutely ruins your gaming experience!

  2. BgnnrFarmer says:

    Idiotic placement of trees around EVERY field makes using workers tedious since they never fertilize a field properly on their own and leave 5 meter areas on the sides of the fields unworked. Contracts are even worse since you can’t do anything about the trees around those fields. Also the stupid bush placement gets tedious since they block the view and can’t be removed in a lot of the fields. There are better maps than this. Don’t bother.

  3. Viga says:

    Hi, i love this map but its possible make the route and other unbuyable zone buyable? I ask this at you because i have some problem whit the edit where i place my farm.

  4. Whit says:

    I agree with the three previous comments. I would also like to add if you are adding custom crops (which I like), make sure you can harvest them. It is bad when you go through all the work but can not harvest them….

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