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27 Responses

  1. ZeroGoBR says:

    Really good map but its a little weird when all the trees are in a line

  2. Anonymous says:

    You have to buy land from MAP…

  3. Superbaka says:

    One of the best FS19 maps! Thanks 🙂

  4. fakefarmer says:

    canadian map with german buildings haha come onn

  5. Anonymous says:

    trying to fill slurry trucks at cows wont connect to slurry pipe seems to be no triggers

  6. bob says:

    can’t place placeables by farmhouse says I do not own the land

  7. Anonymous says:

    Any autodrive XML available for this map?

  8. BadgerGrimm says:

    Don’t know if renebcq ever checks the comments as I see no reply to any of these comments, but heres mine:
    In the top Left Help window, when you have a fillable tool attached, you get “R – Refill sower(or whatever it is).”
    I am getting “R – Refill TypeDescription”. You can press R and it changes to “R – stop refilling” as though it is working…but the tools gauge does not go up. it stays on 0%.
    Other maps work fine.
    I thought it might be a mod….disabled them all. still did it.
    Thought it might have something to do with the installation…verified it through Epic…still did it.
    Tried Uninstalling the game…a mistake as I did not realise it would delete ALL of my 290+ mods!!! Spent a few hours redownloading most of them, fired it up again…still does it. Even tried deleting this download and redownloading that too.
    So, I know its not a mod issue. I know its not a game issue, therefore it must be a map issue.
    Please…how do I fix it?

    • Dave From Peg says:

      290 plus mods and you don’t think it’s a mod issue ;( are you serious
      Try checking your game log

  9. Anonymous says:

    one of the best maps Ive played!!,,awesome!!,,,Thnx!

  10. asif says:

    auto drive can’t save

  11. Jean-Pierre 16 charente says:

    Du coup je l’ai téléchargé merci encore pour la vidéo c’est pour cela que je l’ai télécharger c’est comme ça qu’on sait si une vidéo est bien faite merci à plus

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bonjour super vidéo

  13. fermierul pro youtube says:

    i have n video if you can fix the bugs from the seling points it will be an wonderfol map

  14. Suge says:

    why can’t a cow barn be replaced ?????

  15. bart says:

    cant plant new trees after cat forest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why?

  16. Anonymous says:

    ist eine Klasse map Wäre super wenn das Landscaping Tool Grass malen noch eingebaut wird

  17. Uncnown says:

    Author, why in my game does the snow structure resemble the grass structure? I have seen a lot of things, but there is still no green snow. Will you fix this problem?

  18. Uncnown says:

    Why is the snow structure in my game green, like grass? Installed FS19_RM_Season

  19. davefrompeg says:

    Doesn’t seem to be anywhere to sell logs

    • LumberJock says:

      I cant seem to find a place either. This map is amazing for a combination of tree cutting and farming. Its a shame. I love this map!

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is my favorite map so far. Great job. Keep it simple 😀

  21. Não digo says:

    Melhor mapa de qualquer farming

  22. Anonymous says:

    Works on 1.0.0? thks

  23. deo says:

    Canadian Farm Map is fake as far as fs19 is concerned!

  24. Mark Wynn says:

    Fantastic job!

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