Canadian Farm Map Season v2.0

Canadian Farm Map v 1.1

Corrected the XLM “densityMapHeightTypes” file, so there is no more error/warning in the log due to 1.3 update and I add the command line in the XML “map” to enable the grass painting.

Those correction were made by Rico. Thanks for your help.


renebqc, Rico

Download mod

FileFile size
zip CanFarmMapV2seasonUnZip955 MB

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9 Responses

  1. Mark Wynn says:

    Fantastic job!

  2. deo says:

    Canadian Farm Map is fake as far as fs19 is concerned!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Works on 1.0.0? thks

  4. Não digo says:

    Melhor mapa de qualquer farming

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is my favorite map so far. Great job. Keep it simple 😀

  6. davefrompeg says:

    Doesn’t seem to be anywhere to sell logs

    • LumberJock says:

      I cant seem to find a place either. This map is amazing for a combination of tree cutting and farming. Its a shame. I love this map!

  7. Uncnown says:

    Why is the snow structure in my game green, like grass? Installed FS19_RM_Season

  8. Uncnown says:

    Author, why in my game does the snow structure resemble the grass structure? I have seen a lot of things, but there is still no green snow. Will you fix this problem?

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