Banzkow in Mecklenburg v 1.0

Banzkow in Mecklenburg v 1.0

What is Banzkow?
Banzkow is a place in Mecklenburg, but he carries only the name of the map, the map was created from the own imagination.
Banzkow is optimized for the multiplayer because the fields are huge. and thus offer a lot of action.
Banzkow is our FIRST 4-Fachmap (Just as a hint)

What’s new?
How do I install it?
Zip in the mods folder slide and there you go;)

What is planned for the future?
road trafficMore details
if necessary productions

Known bugs
Error: 0
Warnings: 1 (Warning: Farmland Ids not set for all pixels in farmland infoLayer!) (Can be ignored, did not find the pixel yet)
The map works on the Dediserver, but still has some errors in the interface, these will be fixed with the next update



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File File size
zip fs19_banzkow 419 MB

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    nagyon jo

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