A JnJ Farm Saves repaired audio update Final Repaired

A JnJ Farm v1.0

Custom Animal Pens, Seasons and Animal Extention Ready, Map Seasons and Animal Extention ready, Major audio Update to map as well and now it saves too. (corrupt upload repaired)


Map Creator: Johnny Thompson (Akecheta Wakan) from JnJ Mods
Lead Map Promotions and Testing. Kentuckian JD official JNJ Partner
Map Testers: Shane (Cazz64) Taylor
Perran Greenaway (Old Aussie Gamer)
Farming Simulator 19 Farmers Co-Op Market Group
and Jim Bost who is in to many groups to mention lol.

3.7/5 - (6 votes)

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zip A_JnJ_Farm 811 MB

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