Concrete Weight v 1.0

Concrete Weight v 1.0

Concrete Weight v 1.0

Concrete Weight v 1.0

The pack consists of an old concrete weight (dark gray) and a new concrete weight (light gray)

Old concrete weight -> Price: 150 €
-> Weight: 700Kg

New concrete weight -> Price: 300 €
-> Weight: 900Kg

Due to the design of the weights, you can have the weight of the hydraulics and at the same time attach a trailer in the towing jaw.
The new weight is suitable in most cases only for the front hydraulics, since at the rear hydraulic on many tugs the wheels graze.
The old weight is suitable but by its design for front and rear.
The weight can be driven in 2 levels … Everyone must decide for themselves, in which position -> in many tractors, the lower link in the upper position slightly in the weight.


Giants Software GmbH
Modder: Bremi456 (FBM Team)

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