Lizard R300 v

Lizard R300 v 1.0

Lizard R300 v 1.0

The Lizard R300 Meadow Roller is a conversion of the LizarsR5000 roller from LS17.
Can be used for meadow rolling and field bordering, instead of the Düvelsdorf roller
Working width 3m
Helper can be set



Lizard R300 v
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zip FS19_Lizard_R300_Walze 1 MB

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2 Responses

  1. jason says:

    can you not also convert that roller to create asphalt roads / concrete / or also make it so you could do muddy or dirt areas eather light dirt or dark ? I know theres a roller on fs 17 that can do that , so was wondering if you could do the same to this one ?????????????????????

  2. Anonymous says:

    moжно сделоть грузовик самосвал

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