Damcon-PL75 v 1.0

Damcon-PL75 v 1.0

Damcon-PL75 v 1.0

Damcon-PL75 v 1.0

Damcon PL75 planter for Farming simulator 2019
DamconPL75 with faster working speed at 10kph and sets the trees to 12m
Needed Power: 120
Working Width: 1
Price: 26000
Category: Woood


gaint software
//edited by whizz//

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1 Response

  1. Andrew John Davidson says:

    hi there your tree planter worked good at first. but now lately last year. them emery crests? when the last tree is gone? them crests are not leaving. only way how I’ve been doing that to put a new crests of trees? i have to leave the game and come back on every time. i am letting you know there is a problem there is a few errors i am getting. I am just letting you know. I am having problems. help me contact me on steam godzilla1096192. let me know you got it fixed or upgraded you are missing a few things.

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