ECOLO TIL 2500 V1.1

ECOLO TIL 2500 V1.0

Case IH In-line Rippers are versatile primary tillage tools designed to limit compaction and control moisture for enhanced soil conditions that promote high yields.
Effective for both conventional and no-till or conservation tillage practices, we have options to fit your operation.
5 Shank model: $15,080 USD, $25,080 USD with auto shanks. Reccomended horsepower: 190 HP. 3.8 Meter width.
7 Shank model: $25,080 USD, $30,080 USD with auto reset shanks. Reccomended horsepower: 288 HP. 5.3 Meter width.


NEFG Modding

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zip FS19_CaseIH_Ecolo_Til_2500 8 MB

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