Agrisem Cultiplow Field Creator v 1.0

Agrisem Cultiplow Field Creator v 1.0

With this mod you can design fields as you like it. You can use it to break meadows or expand fields and round off square fields. This mod is intended primarily for players on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. For players on PC / MAC I recommend the global mod “Create Fields with Cultivator” by Wopster, which automatically equips all cultivators with this function.

+ this subsoiler creates new fields or extends them
– this mod does not support the helper function

TIP: Therefore, you should only rent this machine and return it after the work, because the purchase price is just as high as the original, which supports the helper.


Holger Sengstock

5/5 - (63 votes)

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zip FS19_Cultiplow_Platinum_8m 6 MB

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