HITACHI 350LC-6 V1.2

HITACHI 350LC-6 V1.2

Hitachi 350LC-6
This is the actual version uploaded by Dan. There shouldnt be any errors.The Excavtor can be found in the “Misc” section, nad the bucket in the “Frontloader Tools.” It will also work with MOST BSM 902, and hitachi 290 attachments.

Change log V1.2:
Added 345 body (Store option under “Gurading”)
Added Color selection for bucket
Added New store images (Excavator, and Nucket)
Fixed Whheel width (Flush with track pads now)


4mr Modding
Serious mods
JDL Tyler

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zip OFG_Hitachi_350LC6_1_2 36 MB

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