Features of the mod:
– A unique chassis with excellent maneuverability due to the choice of 4 modes of movement at once: turn with all 4 wheels, turn only with the front two wheels, crab move (diagonally) to the left and right, respectively – the mode selection is controlled by the left Ctrl + Y but because of this chassis, the courseplay had to be abandoned. for some reason, the courseplay constantly selects the crab move mode and goes diagonally either to the left or to the right, but here the jamb of the courseplay itself, it simply does not take into account such chassis with a choice of driving mode at all (therefore, we either move on our own or we carry it on a trawl, crane weight 30 tons); – Fully working crane installation, all animations, extension of the boom telescope, cable, hook, side supports, lights, emergency lights, etc. The price is 80000.UP. There is not a single error in the log, because I release this mod immediately in the release version, there will be no further improvements for this mod, only a hotfix at most (if necessary).


Chassis authors in FS 19: GR40 / CYSG; The author of the assembly and mod settings: MAPBEH.

3.9/5 - (10 votes)

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zip FS19_Manitou_MRT_2150_crane_created_by_MAPBEH 32 MB

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    10/10 i flipped when i tried to pick up a weed weeder

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