Bizon Gigant Z083 v 1.0

Bizon Gigant Z083 v 1.0

Buffalo Giant Z083
It is possible to change the wheels to: Black, yellow, blue, red
Reservoir: 4500l
Choosing a forage harvester, tarpaulin
Price: $ 75.350
Speed: 20km / h.
Choice: Rapeseed table, beaks, without beaks [standard]
Width: 4m
Cost: $ 10,500
The modification has been converted to fs19 from f15, all the added scripts have been corrected textures, added choice of circles and many others I think that the modification will like, “Beginning how to fire it through 5sec there are no sounds but then it’s ok.


oliolupyl123, Perkins

3.3/5 - (9 votes)

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  1. bart says:

    thats biuzon have errors, no connect header to canola and hire worker work wrong

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