Best Pack Combines v 1.0

Best Pack Combines v 1.0

Best Pack Combines v 1.0

Best Pack Combines v 1.0

Good assembly of the best combines
1) BIZON REKORD Z058 NH DIY V1.0.0.0
Bison Record Z058. It replaces 56tke
It has several added features, animations and more.
Getting dirty
2) Rostselmash Niva Effect v 1.0.3
Combine harvester. Price – 62 000, header – 12 500. Two engines to choose from: 145 and 155 hp Maximum speed – 22 km / h, back – 15 km / h, working – 8 km / h. Bunker – 3,000 liters. Tank – 300 l. Work light. Soiled and washed. The effect of aging.
Floating header, will not hang on bumps. Rear axle is not separate. Claims to the Giants. The price is too high for balance, since the new combine in Russia costs 38,000 Euros. Do not judge strictly! I am a converter, I’m just learning!
Changed speculators on the advice of Lace. Now there is not much dirt, and the paint from old age cannot be completely covered.
Fixed unloading auger and its particle. Fixed varnings around the world and belts. Now the log is clean.
Fix pipe auger. Should help when unloading in high trailers.
3) Combine SK-10 Rotor v
Combine removes standard culture. The volume of the bunker – 6 000 liters. Engine power – 250 hp Max. speed – 20 km / h. Price – 115 000. The choice of design: design 1985, or 1987. Also, three grain harvesters come with it: ЖУ-6 (grab 6 m), ЖУ-7 (grab 7 m), and ЖУ-8,6 (grab 8.6 m). There is also a header for harvesting sunflower PSP-10 (you can clean and corn). Also included is a trolley for transporting headers. Working lighting. Soiled and washed.
4) FORTSCHRITT E514 V1.0.0.0
Progress E514 includes a cutting unit for cereals and a corn header, it has a choice of colors in four different colors, and tires also have a choice of colors. In the foreseeable future, another V2 will appear, have patience. LOG is clean!

All mods checked the log is clean
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Meerstonk,Aleksejka,GIANTS Software,GIANTS Software,Shnurok.Relax

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