VAZ 2105/07 V1.0

VAZ 2105/07 V1.0

This mod was intended to be released for FS22 when the time comes, but at the end I have decided to share it for FS19 as well. It is a project that combines my previous VAZ 2105 and VAZ 2107 mods into one, where the desired model can be select as a “Design” configuration.

The 3D model was deeply rebuilded and overall dimmensions and proportions were reconsidered.

Mod description:
– Full UDIM, dirt and wear texttures
– Design model selection: VAZ 2105, VAZ 2105 + trailer hitch, VAZ 2105 + trailer hitch + luggage carrier; VAZ 2107, VAZ 2107 + trailer hitch, VAZ 2107 + trailer hitch + luggage carrier
– Body color selection
– Interior color selection
– Rim color selection
– Rim type selection
– Fully animated front and rear suspension
– Animated pedals
– Working windshield and headlights wipers
– Realistic looking lights
– Simple IC support for the hood, doors and trunk



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zip FS19_VAZ2105_2107 21 MB

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  1. Anonymous says:

    скачай дополнительный мод SIMPLE IS ЧТОТО ТАКОЕ ПОНЯЛ

  2. Thomnos says:

    What’s the map name?

  3. РОМА says:


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