Overkill F550 v 2.0

Overkill F550 v 2.0

– made the winch an option so you can use Overkill with the bumper winch instead.
– moved the chrome, paint and black choices to the grill options menu (so there is a choice for each grill type to have the emblems chrome, painted or black).


Exley, Expendables (for original F450 model), Austin Farmer (for suspension parts), Creator of the Tajfun Winch and script (for the winch)

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15 Responses

  1. tyson says:

    how do you connect the winch

  2. Anonymous says:

    Precisa ser atualizada, pois não está funcionando com o FollowMe

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! I would love to see a flatbed option with 5th wheel to hook to semi trailers, and possibly some dually”s for the rear. i tried to borrow from patriot truck with no success.

  4. Jared shrewsbury says:

    i dont thank there are overkill

  5. Danny says:

    Add it to the console mod hub

  6. shane gamer says:


  7. rob says:

    how do you put the tailgate down?

  8. Anonymous says:

    how do you put the tailgate down to use the 5th wheel attachment?

  9. Enzzo says:

    How do I get this

  10. Anonymous says:

    is it really the mod from lambs mods

  11. Robbie says:

    NO good mods can be on console no big names go on console due to policy and all the strict rules you have to follow NO good mods will ever come to console you have to have a PC or MAC to get all these mods sorry for the inconvenience it brings you guys on Console but do not get mad at modders it is not their fault its just the rules Giants put out there ( Creator of FS19 ). So go thank the console modders because they work REALLY hard on these mods even following the rules there entitled to. So they have to work around them. Where PC has basically NO rules they have to follow I mean still thank PC modders to, but not a lot of people realize the work console modders put in as well. I hope this made you understand better Kang but I hope this helped some of you other people out there wondering the same thing.

  12. Kang says:

    Can it be downloaded to xbox

  13. Anonymous says:


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