DATSUN 240Z V1.0

DATSUN 240Z V1.0

It’s a mod I quickly put together on the span of 3 days, I wanted my real life car in the game, added some option, modeled some parts myself too (I still have a way to go haha) so have fun with it !!!, I didn’t go too crazy on details so some might find it lacking but oh well, just edit it if you want. (PS, I have to give some credits to d-troxx from beam ng for the old advan wheels, all the one named ada, br1, a3e, a3c and a3a were made by him, I did make the oni face myself and it’s f%?&ing hard, hats off dude for the nice wheels!)
-datsun 240z
-13000$ + option
-150hp stock engine or 450hp rb26 swap
-max 150 km/h
-16 wheel configuration
-many exhaust, fender flare and spoiler configuration
-wheels offset can be set in store indepedently front and rear
-has air suspension to lower it and raise it (different control front and rear)



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