1997 CHEVY 1500 EDIT V1.0

1997 CHEVY 1500 EDIT V1.0

Hello all. This is the first edit that I am uploading to modhub.us. I wasn’t planning on uploading any mods here. I was going to keep them all on Mod Network but some people decide to take my edits and reupload them without my permission and without crediting me. And they usually get way more downloads than when I upload it to Mod Network. I never understood why modders and editors got angry when there stuff gets leaked or reuploaded, and now I understand since I am experiencing it. You guys cant reupload my edit here if I do it before you!. It is a edit of OKUSEDMODS 1997 Chevy 1500. I made this truck a work truck with lots of stuff in the bed and a few other things. Credits to all the modders whos parts I used. As always, Enjoy.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    what map is the one in the photo?

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