URAL 43202 AC40 V1.0

URAL 43202 AC40 V1.0

Power: 154 kW / 210 hp;
Speed: 95 km / h;
Tank: 200 liters;
Cost: 2.000 €;
– Replaced Wheels with Choice of wheel options (4 options);
– Working arrows;
– Working illumination of devices;
– Added mirrors and customized;
– Replaced the steering wheel;
– Replaced all headlights and optics;
– Simple IC is present. Opens doors, Hood Activates fire extinguishing water effect;
– Added Universal Passenger;
– Added upholstery on the door;
– Replaced the bumper;
– Added a kenguryatnik;
– Built in a sink with a capacity of 4000l;
– Get dirty Wash;
– Replaced the sound of the siren, signal;
– Built in a script for washing;
– In order for the sink to work, you need to collect water. Washing trigger in the back of the Urals


Evgeniy GuS_Corleone Sergo iksman. The author of the envelope and FS19 alterations: Gwailo.

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