The mod includes the following modifications:
1) URAL 44202 truck(section “Trucks”)

2) URAL 4320 / 4320-60 flatbed truck (section “Trucks”)
Transports only objects, contains a choice of:
URAL 4320 onboard short-base
URAL 4320-60 onboard long-base

3) URAL 5557 / 4320-60 Dump Truck (section “Trucks”)
Contains to choose from:
URAL 5557 SU-4.4N short-base(volume: 14.6m3 or 18.8m3)
URAL 4320-60 SU-5.3N long-base(volume: 17.6m3 or 22.7m3)

4) URAL 4320-60 Tank (section “Trucks”)
Contains to choose from:
URAL 4320-60 ACV-10N: transports water / liquid fertilizer / herbicides, can refuel sprayers, volume: 10m3
URAL 4320-60 ATZ-10B: tanker, transports fuel, can refuel vehicles, volume: 10m3

5) URAL 4320-60 UST-5453 timber carrier (section “Forestry machines”)

General parameters for all modifications:
Maximum speed: 80km / h
Engine power: 240 HP
Total fuel tanks: 480 liters
– 4 types of tires to you choose
– 2 types of bumpers to you choose
– Color selection
– Opening hood
– Ability to customize mirrors


Author: Axary
Special thanks:
Erlan10: sounds
IGORyaN: advisory support

4.8/5 - (6 votes)

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zip FS19_URAL_by_Axary 59 MB

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