Here is my edit of michals peterbilt 567 for FS19. i decided to do a edit on it cause i was bored and wanted to try something new anyways lets get down to the nuts and bolts, so first i changed one of the wheels to heavy haul, and one of the bumpers to give it a more beefy look, and last but not least i made it longer. i take no credit what so ever all credit goes to michal for releasing this in the first place i just did a edit on it for fun. if yall have any questions please feel free to write them in the comments. ill eventually move to fs22 as i’m trying to figure out how to convert but i would probably let someone else do that so if you can feel free to take this and convert it i have no problem with that if you want you can credit michal and me if you want anyways one more thing, its 40mb if anyone was curious. have a good rest of your day/night Thank you.


t3s91, Michal and whoever else that was in on making it.

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zip FS19_Peterbilt567ByMichal_Edited_Longer 41 MB

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