Mercedes Arocs Agrar Final v 4.0

Mercedes Arocs Agrar v 2.0

Mercedes Arocs Agrar v 2.0

Mercedes Arocs Agrar v 2.0

Mercedes Benz Arocs Agrar
Power 450 hp to 650 hp
Color change for cabin
Color change for rims
Configuration: Trelleborg, Nokian, Forestry, Michelin
Configuration: Bumper, Front Weight
cab suspension
Dynamic hoses ready

foliageBending (plants bend when driving through)


LS17 Maxi.S | Chris Dre| Kevin Funke| Matze, STv-Modding
LS19 SilentTrust

Download mod

FileFile size
zip Mercedes_Arocs_Agrar79 MB

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  1. ArpyClarkson says:

    Something is messed up with this truck; I think it might be the wheels? Anyways- after a save/reload this truck will tank your FPS when it is moving. It does not happen until you save/reload. When you first purchase the truck/before a save and reload there is what appears to be a z-plane clipping issue with the dirt texture on the rims; this issue disappears after a save/reload, with the dirt overlay no longer being shown on the rims after a reload.

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