ATC Container Transportation Pack v2.1.1.0

ATC Transportation Pack v 1.0

This version of the pack includes the following features:

New hits:
Truck MAN TGS10 with 420, 460, 500hp
Truck MAN TGS30Multi with 580, 640, 680HP
Trailer TSDH10 – 1 axle central trailer
Trailer TSDH30Multi – 3 axle central trailer
Trailer TGD30Multi – 3 axle turntable trailer

Possible loadings of TGS10 and TSDH10
1×10 ‘container

Possible loadings of TGS30Multi, TSDH30Multi and TGD30Multi
1×30 ‘container
3×10 ‘container
1×10 ‘+ 1×20’
1×20 ‘+ 1×10’
1×30 ‘gas tank

All loading options are configurable in the shop.

Own shop category (thanks to ifko for releasing his script)

bug fixes:

little things:


Note: The folder name of the tractor has changed. These would be lost after installing the new version.
Here is a little guide on how to keep them:
copy mod into the modfolder (do NOT start the game yet)
with eg padd ++ open the vehicle.xml from the savegame (must be made for each savegame using the mod)
SEARCH for: vehicles \ atc_trucks_semi
REPLACE by: vehicles \ atc_Container_semi
save vehicle.xml
start Game


concept, Alfredix
modelling, Alfredix
testing, Alfredix

Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS19_ATC_ContainerTransportationPack85 MB

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6 Responses

  1. Engelmann Oliver says:

    super und funktioniert perfekt wie wäre es mit einem container als over top load .dann wäre die befüllung realer mfg

  2. AdamSPU says:

    super I wating for 40 multi with 4×10, 2×10 and 1×20, or 2×20

  3. Ruubjeee says:

    How do i connect the container to the trailer?
    I really want to know this because my container always slides off the trailer.

    • ask me and i will answer wat i know says:

      u could do that by using another atc container pack

    • Whiskey says:

      Use the F1 menu, and it will give you the attach option, just like a trailer, it will attach the container to the trailer or truck. 🙂 Hope you found out before this message

  4. Nikola says:

    Hello pls me diz mod andvold

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