Easily store and collect Wool and Eggs, and deliver them with ease. Use the included AGT Pallet to expand your animal collection zone, and have it stacked and ready for collection with the AGT Trailer, which can auto-load from the pallet.

Pallet supports Wool (12,000L) and Eggs (28,800L). Just place it in the animal good loading zone, and new goods will be dropped off straight onto it! Existing goods will not load onto the pallet, so make sure the area is clear first. You can clear the Wool loading zone by bring the AGT Trailer within range, but eggs will need to be picked up and brought within range of (or thrown towards) the AGT Trailer. Once existing goods have been cleared and the pallet placed, it becomes automatic. Make sure to place the pallet to cover the loading zone, to avoid spill-over if the pallet fills up. Ensure the “unloading side” is facing your desired pickup direction.

Trailer capacity: Eggs 33,600, Wool 28,000

Wool can be collected with or without the AGT pallet, but Eggs require the use of the pallet, unless you want to manually pick them up and either hold them up or throw them at the trailer. You can park the trailer within range of the pallet and goods will automatically be loaded by the work experience helper (no charge!). Do not park the trailer too close, or you will get a message that there is no more space.

Trailer comes in a wide range of colours, and optional rear trailer hitch. Running lights decorate the trailer, and side and rear work lights provide ample lighting for working in the dark.

Please note: The pallets on the trailer and big pallet are not real pallets and are a visual representation only. You cannot pick them up with a fork. To unload, you drive the trailer to the appropriate sell point and you will be presented with an unload option. The pallets will unload automatically. The tension belts are all a visual aid and are not required to hold the pallets on, however they will hold other items on the trailer (such as the AGT pallet)… just don’t load the animal goods on at the same time or the universe may end… or you’ll get a graphics collision.



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