Ursus C355

Ursus C355

Ursus C355

Today I would like to present my first totaledit and convert to FS19 at the same time.
The packet is Ursus c 355, turn and Stoll equipment.
* Ursus c355

The tractor has: bent tires, fs19 lights, hydraulic quick couplers and electric socket for lights (standard fs19), movable pulleys, moving pointer, real power, hook to turn, warningi in the log (do not disturb the game), configurations in the store.
The tractor does not have: pedal animation and gear shift lever, dirty.
* Tur
Works normally, there is nothing to write about, it does not get dirty.
* Stoll accessories
2 buckets for loose materials, 2 types of manure fork (you can load bales and pallets), scoop for root crops.
Plane fs19, new / used configuration, no dirt.


Convert to fs 19: Gzymsik_pl
Authors: kreters-island

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