Ursus 1224-1614 v 2.0

Ursus 1224-1614 v2.0

Configurations in the store:
– choice of body color, choice of engine and cabin color
– choice of engine and cabin color
– choosing the color of the wheel rims

Tire configurations:
– Treleborg (standard, with cantileverers, wide, wide with cantileverers, narrow)
– Mitas (standard, wide)
– Michelin (standard, with cores, wide, wide with cores)

Engine configurations:
– 1224 (120km)
– 1224 TURBO (146km)
– 1614 (155km)
– 1614 TURBO (160km)

Appearance configurations:
– without anything, weight, front linkage
– flat mask
– beheaded mask
– ordinary roof, thick roof with sunroof
– additional work lighting
– loader console

It features:
– RPM clock animations
– engine temperature clock animation
– operating direction indicators
– illuminated clocks (after switching on the lights)
– manual gas animation
– gas pedal animation
– clutch and brake pedal animation
– reversing lever animations
– movable seat
– openable doors, rear window and roofs
– animated shaft from the front drive
– dynamic hoses
– getting dirty
– pulley animations
– and a lot more

The weight would be about 7mb smaller but unfortunately for the front hubs well fit the configuration of the tires I have to have a few of their models.
This is the V2 version of the Ursus version I published earlier, but almost everything has changed.

Marcello1942, G&M Modding Team, Spinah
FS19: Dawidson

Ursus 1224-1614 v 2.0
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