MTZ-82 V1.3.2.2

MTZ-82 V1.3.2.1

– Power: 80/130 hp;
– Speed: 35/43 km / h;
– The volume of the fuel tank: 120 l.;
– Cost: 10500 €;
– The choice of wings;
– Animated radiator cooling fan pulleys, etc .;
– Working dashboard;
– Working lighting;
– leaves traces;
– gets dirty and washed;
– There is a SimpleIC;
– Toning.

Changes v1.3.2.2: – Added default colors for everything that is painted. – Added a choice of painting loaders, a bridge. – Added a selection of the loader Barnaul (+ Lighthouse) Stoll (+ Lighthouse). – Fixed turn signals. – A passenger is registered, for the robots, the Universal Passenger mod is required.


Tractor (model): BearFarm. Axle, wheels: RusAgroTeh. Headlights: Scholl. Mod author: KeLa.

Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS19_MTZ_82byKeLa72 MB

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