MB Trac Pack 1300 – 1800BB v 1.5

MB Trac 1300 - 1800 v 1.3

MB Trac 1300 - 1800 v 1.3

So here is the last version of this MB Tracs!
It should now be fixed all gross errors that can affect the game in any way!
He is not 19er standard but works great and looks quite good for his.
I have rebuilt these tugs mainly according to my ideas and have also responded to requests and suggestions of the community.
Of course you can not do it for everyone, everyone should be aware of that!
I do not count what he has on the whole for functions, as most of them already know.
If you do not know him yet, you should download it and try it out.


BM Modding, PommFritz, BR Mod Performance

Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS19_MB_Trac_Pack24 MB

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