John Deere 8R 2014 v 1.0

John Deere 8R 2014 v 1.0

Wheel Brand config
(Trelleborg Michelin (CereXBIB AxioBib2 AxioBib) Mitas)

Wheel configs
Standard Wide Standard with Wheel Weights1 Wide with Wheel Weights1 Standard with Wheel Weights2 Wide with Wheel Weights2 Standard Twin Wheels Wide Twin Wheels Standard Back Twin Wheels Wide Back Twin Wheels Croatia

Motor configs.
8245R 8270R 8295R 8320R 8345R 8370R 8400R

Design Config.
Standard-Extra Lights-StarFire 3000-StarFire 6000-Extra Lights+StarFire 3000-Extra Lights+StarFire6000

Design Config. 2
Standard-LED Lights-Front Fenders-Warning Sings-LED Lights+Front Fenders-LED Lights+Warning Sings-FrontFenders+WarningSings-LED Lights+Front Fenders+Warning Sings

Front Attacher config.
Bracket-400kg-600kg-800kg-1000kg-1000kg weight2-Front hydraulic

Tractor is full animated


Dince (Model by Ginats)

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