Fendt Farmer 100 v1.1

Fendt Farmer 100 v1.1

This vintage pack includes:
Fendt Farmers 102s, 103s, 104s, 105s, 106s, and 108s
Fendt Farmer 102sa, 103sa, 104sa, 105sa, 106sa, and 108sa

What was done:
LS19 texture
Pedals and circuit animated
Farmer partially revised
Revised roof
Start / stop switch and warning light switch animated.
PTO animated
New rear hydraulics installed
Door and hood to open via mouse

Reinstalled this “weird” trigger for courseplay (causing problems for the non-CP players with the cars stopping).
Attention no longer Coursplay Ready!
Honk (horn) sound changed
Start-stop sound original
Sound config extended
new idle sound and retarder sound
When I was doing this Amaturen Original made
Color adapted from the dashboard
Lever PTO clutch added
Blinker lever added
Chassis made a little brighter
Steering cylinder added
Struts added for the side hydraulic bracket
Frontloader consoles slightly changed
Frontloaderjoystik animated
Front loader hydraulic sound installed (although no one noticed)
Front loader tools now follow
Hose connections for the Baas added
Hose connections Added for the Fendt front loader
Light cone go from the turn signal.
Work light can be switched on with F.
Tacho lighting installed.
Engine data adapted to the original PS.
Hoses and cables no longer go through the tractor when attached to the front hauling jaw
rimcolor and new indicators Front: WolfIQ


Giants Software GmbH
Ingame: Polofreak211,GnomAtom,Dani-86(FBM Oldtimer-Team),privaprivat
Projektunterstützung: Dani86,PeterAH
Reifenkonfig: Dani-86
Sounds: PeterAH
Modder: Ls13 (Fendt Farmer2:Michl2, Fendt Favorit 4s: Schlüterfan 1977/Modelleicher/Donkey)
VoderesReifenProfil: L4lccer
Kennzeichen: Bremi456
Grundmodell Verdeck: kreters-island
Umbau: Polofreak211 (FBM Team)
Script: Modelleicher
Idee / Konzept: Polofreak211

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FileFile size
zip FBM19_Fendt_Farmer10020 MB

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