ESIOK SAM S18 320 V0.9.9

ESIOK SAM S18 320 V0.9.9

Hello! at the start, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the creation of this modification and for agreeing to the stand and thank you to PresidentZiaroo for help and approval for several models. As for the tractor, it has 30 configurations, including a very interesting side mower option. Esiok has crank firing, for this you need a simple ic minimum 9.3.3 and how to fire is shown in the video that is in the description.

Mask color selection
Choice of fender color
Choice of engine color
Cabin color selection
Frame color selection
Rim color selection
Mask configurations (18 options)
Cabin configurations (15 options)
Side mower configurations
Toolbox configurations
Rear registration configurations
Front registration configurations
Add-on configurations
Weight / hitch configurations
Seat configurations
Exhaust configurations
Rear light configurations
Front fender configurations
Front fender mudguard configurations
Rear fender flap configurations
Panel configurations
Pet configurations
Battery configurations
Frame sticker configurations
Mask sticker configurations
PTO handle configurations
Engine filter configurations
Ursus mask mesh configurations
Floor configurations
Engine model configurations (including 27hp s321)
Cabin triangle configurations

No errors in the log


Kazikv5 ListiU Mietekk V8 Michlax209 Szwagier_Prezes Deus_volt PrezesZiaroo Wisniagames239 Siudix29

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    najlepszy mod na świecie

  2. Anonymous says:

    GREAT…!! Finally somthing different then a JD or case

  3. sgast2005 says:

    The Mod dosnt show up in my mod selection when i go to select a map but it is in te mods folder and the game recognizes it

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