Variable Spray Usage v

Variable Spray Usage v 1.0

This script makes it possible to calculate the application rate of liquidmanure, manure, fertilizer, lime, liquid fertilizer and
herbicide to the worked hectare. The application rate is regulated depending on the speed.
This means, no matter what speed is applied, the application rate is always adjusted.
The script installs itself in all vehicles that have the specialization “sprayer”, so in all
Slurry spreading devices, syringes, fertilizer spreaders and manure spreaders.
The following application rates are possible:
Liquid fertilizer / herbicide 100 to 800 liters / hectare
Fertilizer / lime 100 to 9000 liters / hectare
Solid manure 12,000 to 30,000 liters / hectare or 12 to 30 m³ / hectare
Manure 10000 to 45000 liters / hectare or 10 to 45 m³ / hectare


monteur1, test_dj_Tobe

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    In my case, using this mod makes it so that weedkillers are not lost in the tank

  2. Anonymous says:

    On Giant’s maps, especially Felsbrunn, every field is a hill. Even if you have tractors that meet the horsepower recommendations you will lose up to two thirds of your implement speed. For example a seeder slowing down to 6 kph instead of going 18. Going 6 kph you’re using three times more fertilizer than needed.

  3. Faparaszt says:

    Hey, what is the reason to change application rate? Isn’t the fertilized state just a yes/no? Or can you actually fertilize the field more and less?

    • Anonymous says:

      I was wondering the same thing, but the only difference changing the rate makes is cost to apply a product to a field. So the only reason to increase application rate is to drain your funds faster. Without some kind of mechanic that makes growth or quality changes to crops, this is a useless mod for anything other than dropping the rate to making a full fertilizer spreader last for many applications without having to refill.

      This mod should either adjust crop growth speed based on rate of fertilizer used or adjust crop quality when harvesting. Such as:

      Sprayrate 100 I/Ha (lowest setting) = -40% fertilizer bonus
      Sprayrate 200 I/Ha = -20%
      Sprayrate 300 I/Ha = (default mod setting) = Normal FS19 fertilizer bonus
      Sprayrate 400 I/Ha = +20%
      Sprayrate 500 I/Ha = +40%
      Sprayrate 600 I/Ha = +60%
      Sprayrate 700 I/Ha = +80%
      Sprayrate 800 I/Ha (Highest setting) = additional 100% harvest quality beyond FS19’s default fertilizer bonuses

      But even then it would make much more sense to condense the mod’s function to the lowest setting being the default, with the ability to increase sprayrates to add additional bonuses in 20% increments, up to an addition 100%. And that would also apply to Lime used with the mod too to achieve that added maximum bonus.

      As of now, this is just a “less work” mod that stops your sprayer/spreader from continually draining if you’re not moving. No benefits to increasing sprayrate.

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