Helper Admin v

Helper Admin v 1.0

Allows to customize the number, name and cost of the helper

With this mod, the helper names can be customized according to your wishes!
The number and name or the labor costs of the helpers can be adjusted in the in-game hud (“Shift-Links” + “-“).
A maximum of 20 helpers can be configured, divided equally between men and women.
Furthermore, the helper costs can be adjusted to your own wishes! (Be nice to your helpers and do not eat them with a pittance !!!: P)

known restrictions:
– At the moment this mod is only available in singleplayer (multiplayer support is planned)
– Unfortunately, the gender of the helpers at the moment does not always fit the name, because the game character generation of the helper by Giants can not be intervened at the moment … but that is “only” a visual blemish.



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4 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Why do they have to be female too ? We should be able to choose what gender we want.
    It’s not realistic that half of the drivers is female.
    And no, not racist or whatever, just realism

  2. titan zeus says:

    the mod is not working

  3. Scott says:

    I’ve installed and activated the mod via the selection list when I start a game. I can see the keybinding config for the mod, however, no matter what key i set it to, it doesn’t open the HUD – any ideas?

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